10-Yr-Old Who Took His Mom’s Life Begs Judge To Reduce $50K Bond To $100: ‘All He Has In Piggy Bank’

A neighborhood is in shock today after a terrible incident that left a young mother lifeless after a disagreement with her son.The story unfolded last week as its heartbreaking details began to spread across the internet. Today, neighbors and family open up about concerns they had about the boy and how they wish they’d stepped in sooner.

Quiana Mann was a mother of four who lost her life sadly on November 21, 2022. According to the Go Fund Me set up for her by Rhonda Reid, Mann was a light to everyone in her life and worked in the behavioral health field.

She was an advocate for others to get the medical health they deserved. They shared several images of her to give supports a better idea of the woman behind the tragedy. “She had a love for God that shined so brightly it superseded any pain she may have experienced,” Rhonda explained. “She was compassionate, loving, and kind. Whether you need a friend with a listening ear, advice on how to cook, or simply a few laughs, she would be just one call away.”

Rhonda was attempting to raise $20k to give Mann a proper burial and possibly to aid her children in her absence. So far, they have gathered $14000 thanks to 348 generous donations. In a separate comment, Reid shared more pictures of Mann and thanked people who had been helping out so far. “I would like to thank everyone for their kind and generous donations. Our family is grieving this enormous tragedy and loss. We are leaning on God to heal our hearts.”

New reports spoke to locals about the incident and tried to get a better understanding of the family and what happened. According to insiders, Mann’s ten-year-old had displayed years of rage issues leading up to the incident. So much so that Mann even installed cameras in her home after a therapy session to monitor him, but unfortunately, the cameras were unplugged three weeks prior to her passing. The boy had a documented history of harming animals and even started a fire in their living room.

On the day of the incident, he admitted to taking his mother’s life after she refused to buy him a VR headset off Amazon. Neighbors say that the family was very quiet, and they were shocked by what happened. One man, who lived in the area for more than 20 years, says he did not speak to them much outside of everyday pleasantries.“They just asked me how I’m doing and stuff like that,” the man said after calling the family “average.” The boy is being tried as an adult and held on $500k bond.

The family confirmed that he still ordered the VR headset from his mother’s Amazon account and asked his grandmother if it had arrived the next day, briefly apologizing for the incident. His lawyers are asking his bond be lowered to $100 since that is all the money the boy has in his piggy bank. If convicted, he could spend 60 years behind bars.

Some are arguing that he should not be tried as an adult, and it is unclear if he will be able to move his case to juvenile court or if he has some real mental issues that could land him in psychiatric care instead. Activists in the Milwaukee community recently held a meeting to discuss concerns of the 10-year-old being tried as an adult.