12 Year-Old Makes History As Younger Oklahoma College Student, Hopes To Attend An HBCU

When you have dreams to fulfil, no one can stop you, not your age or circumstances. Through passion and hard work, you can achieve your life goals. A 12-year-old boy has completed his studies and is ready to take up his higher education journey. Kids his age are busy playing with friends and are clueless about their plans.

But Elijah Muhammed Jr. is the youngest boy from OklahomHBCUa Community College from a black community to attend a historically black college or university (). This young boy is studying at Prep One Collegiate Academy. It is a homeschooling program run by his father, Elijah Muhammad Sr. Moreover, the brilliant boy is currently studying at Oklahoma Community College (OCC).

Elijah is expected to complete his high school diploma and graduate degree from Oklahoma Community College by the end of next year. It seems overwhelming for a 12-year-old boy to juggle the two, but the boy could do it with the support of his father. His father feels proud of the young boy. Elijah’s elder sister Shania Muhammed graduates from Langston University and OCC at the youngest age ever.

Shania made history when she enrolled in Oklahoma City Community College at age 13, but her younger brother broke this record beginning at the age of 12. Additionally, we must mention that this little prodigy has already been awarded a scholarship at Rust College, an HBCU in Mississippi and that more scholarships are on the way for him.

Muhammed Jr. likes to make friends as he is a social boy. Many people raised the point that Elijah must have sacrificed his social life to complete his studies. The boy, however, enjoys leisure time by chilling out with friends. He enjoys coding and wrestling. He wants to finish his higher education in a cyber security program and pursue a career in the field.

He has been awarded many certificates in the same. He excitedly shares that he wants to get multiple scholarships like her sister. Hampton University is at the top for doing cyber security programs, but he also does programs at other universities. Our best wishes to Elijah Muhammad Jr. We wish him good luck for the remainder of his academic career.