24-Year Old Mother Charged With Two Counts Of Misdemeanor Child Endangerment

Shaina Bell, the 24-year old mother of three whose story went viral after she was arr*sted in Liberty Township, Ohio, and charged with two counts of m!sdem*anor child endangerment, is getting some much-needed financ-ial support.

Shaina was arr*st-ed for leaving two of her children alone in a motel room to go to work at a nearby Little Caesars, but now thanks to the kindness of strang-ers her GoFundMe has raked in over $150,000 to help her find permanent housing and childcare.

Her top donations include Music label co-founder, Pierre “Pee” Thomas donat!ng $10,000 and a Cleveland Cavalier, Javale Mcgee, donating $5,000 dollars.

Thomas wrote on Instagram, “My mom used to have to do the same thing when we were young, not c*use of abandonm-ent !ssu*s, it’s because people can’t aff*rd child care working at a pizza shop. She wasn’t hang!ng out at a club. She was at work.”

Bell’s story also hit the political sphere. An Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego tweeted, “Women are damm-ed if they door d*mn*d if they don’t. Stay at home with your kids and receive government assistance and you are a leach, go to work for poverty wages and can’t get consistent sitters and go to j**l.”

As for why she left her kids (ages 9, 7, and 3) alone, Shaina said in an interview with WKBN 27 that she “had to go to work.” “I had to go to work. My daughter decided that she wanted to stay here. My daughter told me that this is where she wants to be, and I felt that she was old enough to be able to stay here with her sister for a few hours because my job is right down the street,” Bell said.

But Bell ended up landing two m!sdem*anor charges of endanger*ng children and spent the night in j**l after her children’s father called pol!ce.

Although she says it’s embarrass!ng, Bell isn’t mad at anyone.

“I never set bl*me on anybody for anything because at the end of the day nobody left my kids in the hotel but me,” she said. “I’ve cr!ed a couple of times since this situation started. I’m just trying to keep a level h-ead and trying to stay str*ng because that’s all I can do.”

Her story gain-ed a lot of attention from across the country, from both the h*t*rs and those who support the working mom of three.

“A lot of people are saying h*rtful things, but a lot of people are also being there for me and showing great support. I have over $100,000 in a GoFundMe account right now. I didn’t ask for that, but people gave it to me, and I’m just over appreciative to what’s going on,” Bell said.

Bell says she’s going to use that money to buy a house for her children to live in and everything they need.

We’re happy this story has somewhat of a happy ending.