3-Year Old Boy Celebrates His Adoption After Spending Two Years In Foster Care

A child from Phoenix celebrated when he got finally adopted on Tuesday morning after living more than two years in foster care. Whenever a family adopts a child, it becomes uncomfortable at first for the child to adjust to a new family. Slowly the child gets united with the family. But in today’s story, we will introduce you to the cheerful 3-years old little Micheal, who is very happy and optimistic about his adoption and celebrated to his fullest on his adoption soon became viral.

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The kid, named Michael, was adopted Tuesday morning in Phoenix, turned into a web sensation after photographs of him commending his new adoption celebration became famous online via web-based entertainment. He got adopted on the previous Tuesday morning in Phoenix, Arizona by Tara Montgomery, a single parent with three different children.


The photographs were retweeted more than 55,000 times in only three days after her new elder sister posted the pictures on her Twitter account. His new mother, Tara Montgomery, said that since she is a solitary parent, the first arrangement was not to adopt the kid but desired to help him. She already has three daughters aged 16, 17, and 23. She additionally said that the arrangement was to commend the reception as the get-together with Michael’s biological mother. However, some way or another it fizzled.

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As indicated by Montgomery, Michael is “exactly what her family required.” The viral photographs were taken soon after the reception became official. “This photograph is the meaning of his character,” Montgomery expressed. “He wanted to tell everybody that he has been taken today. We are so glad to have Michael in our lives.” She says that she trusts the photographs of cheerful little Michael will urge other families to take on.

Image Credit:Dailymail

“Assuming you are mulling over everything, do what needs to be done. The effect you are making today will keep going on with the child throughout his life,” -Montgomery said.  This single mother is truly an inspiration for many. She has well signified the cheerful character of Michael and is trying her best to give a better life to dear Michael, who lived in foster care for a very long duration.