4 Friends Dubbed As “Angels” After Saving A Man From A Sudden Cardiac Arr-est – VIDEO

Four friends from V!rginia set out to play a game of pickup basketball. The group consisted of a pair of brothers — Kei’Shon Paige, 20, and KeiJuan Paige, 15 — plus their friends Mark Jones, 19, and Ricardo Smith, 16.

The friendly game took a ha*rowing turn when Kei’Shon, KeiJuan, Mark, and Ricardo noticed a man lying still on his back on the court.

At first, they thought he was just taking a rest, but they got su*picious when he still hadn’t moved after a few minutes. Then they saw the man’s young son was with him, and the boy was looking over at them.

The friends walked over to the boy to see if everything was OK and quickly realized his dad wasn’t moving or responding.

He had just coll*psed from sudden car*iac ar*est. Kei’Shon, KeiJuan, Mark, and Ricardo instantly started as*essing him. He was cold to the touch, his stomach was tight, and his ch*st was hard. Amazingly, despite the fact Kei’Shon has never taken any certified CPR training, he was able to perform CPR on the man.

“I guess you could say God led me in the right direction,” he said, according to KTVI. “I just put my hands in the right spot; nobody told me how to do that.” The friends’ heroism was far from over — because they also wanted to make sure the man’s son was being taken care of. Watch the clip below to see why the man’s wife is now calling these four friends her “four angels.”

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