48 Years Old Woman Welcomed A Fantasy Child After 18 Miscarriages In The Past 16 Years

Let us meet Warneforn, a lady who had gone through an unimaginable excursion in her life. It is a tough call for any lady to fulfill the need to be a parent at the cost of health. Louise Warneford, 48 years old, and her husband, Mark, 55, from Swindon, gave birth to a son after 18 miscarriages. It was the result of endless rounds of IVF. The couple bore the loss of £80,000 in the process of fertility treatment.

Warneford confirmed that she was about to give up when Dr. Hassan Shehata, an OBGYN in England, diagnosed her with elevated NK cells or natural killer cells. NK cells are part of the immune system and help the body to fight infection. Dr. Shehata confirmed that it caused recurrent miscarriages. NK cells can carry cancer or virus kill off the pregnancy. The couple consented to undergo the last attempt after being given hope by a specialist. Warneford got treated with a combination of steroids, baby aspirin, and blood thinners in June 2016.

She delivered a healthy baby boy at 37 weeks gestation. It was the first time her pregnancy got matured to 14 weeks. The miracle infant came to the world through an arranged C-segment as Warneford had issues with her placenta. Embracing William in her arms, she felt like winning the lottery. All doctors and nurses were in tears as they knew her story. Louise Warneford didn’t click any pregnancy pictures after 18 miscarriages as she was not hopeful of delivering the baby successfully.

The infant’s parents were amazed to have their offspring. William was already an uncle of a 10-month-old grandkid when he was born. Warneford titled the tot a Fantasy Child. For decades, doctors have been unsuccessful guide women with multiple miscarriages. Multiple treatments on the immune system frustrate ladies often. Warneford wants every woman to know her story to help them. Awareness amongst women about the same will guide society and suppress the rate of suffering.

It is difficult to be optimistic about results for the lady, who had gone through a large number of miscarriages. Warneford aims to enlighten other women in the same situation by her example. The incident in her life inspires others to be courageous to bear the mental and physical stress calmly for delivering the cherished fruit.