5-Month-Old Baby Loves Hearing Mom’s Voice For The 1st Time- Video

The first baby is a milestone for most of the parents & they love to capture it on camera. And here this baby gives a very wonderful reaction to his parents on his firsts. The mother is with the baby since the beginning as she carries them in her womb. And we all know that they both have different levels of understanding and closeness as compared to the closeness of the baby with his dad.

From 6 to 7 months (can say 27 to 29 weeks) inside the mother’s womb, a fetus can already hear some clear sounds outside the mother’s body, can say the mama’s own voice. Despite all that, hearing his mama’s voice in the outside world for the first time is totally a different experience for the baby while he is already listening to that voice in the womb.

Image Credit:Trendcentral

When the baby reaches its 3rd month, the baby starts recognizing and calms to his parent’s voice. Here this baby was given an adorable reaction when he listen to his mom’s voice. Alex is a 5 months old baby boy who can’t even suppress his beautiful adoring reaction to his mom’s voice. For the first time when he hears his mama’s voice, he just gets mesmerized like he is hearing a beautiful mermaid sing.

The delights can see in Alex’s eyes when his mom talks with him and he becomes so excited and happy. This is indeed an adorable moment which worth recording and watching again and again. Most of the babies become really-really close with their mom at starting two months of the age like two to four months from birth to the sight, smell, sound, and voice of the mom. All this helps babies differentiate their mother from others people, and this fascinating moment of Alex and his mom shows the beauty of their bond and glorifies us.