Adorable Video Shows 50 Cent Cheering A Little Girl Who Asked Him To Watch Her Swim

Children are full of innocence. It is astonishing and heartwarming when a celeb entertains the requests of young toddlers. It shows their humility and respect towards all. A heartwarming incident took place when Katie Stauffer, with her family, ran into 50 Cent at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was a big day for Mila, 3, Katie’s daughter. This was the first day of learning how to swim without her clothes.

Mila, before getting in the pool, turned to 50 Cents, who happened to be standing near the pool and asked him to watch her. He kindly obliged her. He silenced the crowd and told everyone to get aside as the toddler got ready to get in the pool. Watching the celeb, cheering for the tod, the crowd joined in. Mila then doggy paddled her way to her elder sister, Kaitlin waiting for her in the pool.

50 Cents didn’t stop at this. He bent down to take a picture with Mila. The toddler kept her hand on his and both smiled. A beautiful moment was captured making the day all the more memorable for the family. Katie uploaded the picture and her Instagram. She expressed her appreciation and gratitude towards the celeb. He gave all her attention to Katie’s daughter while she made the biggest accomplishment to date.

50 Cent too uploaded the same picture. He captioned it, “ Me and Mila chilling by the pool.” Mila is already an Insta celeb. She is well-known for her sassy Instagram rants. These cover everything from gymming to vegetarianism. She is also well known for the “sham” Cinderella castle at Disneyland. These scripted videos are shooted by her mom, Katie, dad, Charley and her elder sister Kaitlin.

The cute toddler has a twin sister, Emma. Unlike Mila, she is quite shy of the camera. Mila has two older brothers as well, Charles and Finn It was a treat to watch the Black celeb entertaining the toddler. Not all celebs can take the time to applaud and encourage a toddler to make a milestone. Also, how the toddler felt comfortable around him, despite the colour difference, is worth appreciation.

The toddler is being taught to value humanity more than skin color. 50 Cents, you are a real man. Here is how people reacted to this post: Letitia – “ Ohhhhh that’s Mila!! She’s soo sweet and funny. I love her videos. Williams Johnson – She didn’t see color. Thank you 50 Cent for being you and true pure hearted gentlemen.”