9 Month Old Black Baby Becomes An Internet Sensation With His Black Beauty

A lot of us are familiar with the expression ‘bla-ck is beautiful.’ Many of us may have heard it used at one time or another. It is a beautiful and deeply meaningful statement that aims to extol the beauty in melanin and remove rac!al b*as with regards to looks.

There has been a recent shift in the almost one-directional nature of the modeling industry as we know it and, currently, no one embodies this truth as perfectly as 9-month-old Jeremiah. This world, which has for a long time been in need of serious adjustments in regards to diversity, is finally starting to embr-ace it alb-eit slowly.

Many brands are trying to be more inclusive in their choice of models by h!r!ng beauties from different backgrounds, faith, age, and even beauties with d*sabil*ties.

When Jeremiah was asked to be on the front cover of the autumn and winter !ssu-es of Primark, his mother was nothing sh-ort of elated. Baby Jeremiah happens to be very d*rk-skinned and, according to Gabrielle Louise, his mother, not only is this a win for her family, but it is also one for the representation of d*** skin as well.

According to her, the subject of diversity is one that is very important when it comes to the modeling industry, and there is not enough d*rk skin representation out there.

She got her son, who is of both N!ger!an and Ghanaian descent, into modeling because she wanted to show people that skin color like her son can be really beautiful, too. The baby’s pictures, which were uploaded on Twitter, are going viral as we speak, as many comments extolling his impeccable looks are added as the picture is shared.

Gabrielle, a talent manager, expressed her happiness at Jeremiah’s contract with Primark but indicates that her plans for him have only just begun. She hopes that, eventually, he will be able to work with brands like Hugo Boss and Armani. She also indicated that she would love to work with baby companies, such as Aptamil and Mothercare.

An Instagram account has been opened to showcase this beautiful young model and it has been slowly gaining followers.