20-year-old Student Walked 20 Miles To Reach His New Job, And The Company CEO Gifts Him A Car

Here is a 20-year-old Alabama student, Walter Carr. He made a nearly 7-hour journey on foot to ensure he wouldn’t be late for his first day of work. Walter Carr, a student with an incomparable work ethic, inspired others for assured rewards while giving their best in life. His CEO was astonished that the lad had walked 20 miles to be on time for his office. The company’s CEO surprised him by presenting his car as a gift.

Walter had commenced his new job as a mover with Bellhops, a moving company in Alabama. He traced that his car was out of order just a day before joining office. To make up for not being late on the first day, Walter decided to stride for the office the night before. He planned the streets and the time needed. The evaluated time of the voyage was around seven hours to reach on time. The determined Walter took an early evening nap to begin his journey tirelessly.

He had confidence in his legs to walk to the destination 20 miles away. Walter wore the joggers to walk on rough roads. He started his voyage from Homewood. The young man arrived at Pelham by 4 am. There he met four cops who were amazed to understand his goal. Cops took Carr to Whataburger, facilitating him with breakfast and lunch, and then dropped him off at the house called the movers.

Walter and the police officer knocked at the door of the Lamey family at 6:30 am, some time prior than expected by the employees. Jenny Hayden Lamey was highly impressed by his courageous thought and action. Walter rejected the offered room to relax before other crew members would turn in. The generous young man preferred to do the work rather than take any rest. Seeing that, Jenny was very impressed. She posted about him on Twitter..

The CEO, Luke Marklin, decided to meet Walter and appreciate him personally. Marklin remarked his efforts were eligible for special rewards and presented his 2014 Ford Escape. Walter was overwhelmed by the gesture. His heart throbbed on receiving an incredible prize. Walter’s action has made an impact on society. His efforts need appreciation with high regard to encourage others and believe in ethics and determination. We should not look back on facing hurdles.