A Baby Girl Born With A Rare Disease Having A Permanent Grin, Now A Popular Tik-Tok Star

We all desire perfection. Being physically beautiful is something we all desire. But what if an imperfect facial feature can make you a TikTok star soon after birth? A small girl from Adelaide, South Australia, was born with two-sided macrostomia. Her everyday life photos are going viral on TikTok.

Ayla Summer Mucha was born in December 2021. She was born through a C-section. Her parents, Cristina Vercher, 21, and Blaize Mucha, 20, were eagerly waiting for their child. But the situation became gloomy when they learned that their daughter had a rare ailment that caused her mouth to remain open. The girl’s mouth was not framed correctly during the pregnancy.

Just 14 occurrences of this abnormality have been clinically reported since 2007. Her parents created a TikTok to raise awareness of the concerns. Numerous of their followers praised the South Australian family’s recordings. It was painful for her mother to look at her daughter with such oddity. Two-sided macrostomia is a rare disorder where the mouth’s corners don’t merge during pregnancy.

She decided to post her daughter’s video on TikTok to highlight this uncommon condition. A cesarean operation leaves stitch marks and scars. When Cristina looked at her child after coming out of the uterus, she felt awkward because she did not expect this to happen. The medical team expected changes in Ayla’s development as she was too young.

But their hopes were broken when the situation kept unchanged for a long time. The couple was in shock as they were unaware of this abnormality. But now the parents have to live with this truth. The medical team got baffled while giving Ayla to her parents as it was still undiagnosed during the ultrasound. The ailment is unique to the extent that this was a first-time occurrence for specialists at the Flinders Medical Center.

More clinical research is required to overcome such alignments. We wish Ayla would get better treatment as soon as possible. We hope for a bright future for the girl. Also, we congratulate the parents for the strength with which they decided to cope with the situation. Rather than getting distressed, they are creating awareness. Parenthood truly brings a lot of wisdom along.