A Bartender Uploaded A Video Of Her $9.28 Paycheck To Highlight The Importance Of Gratuity

A bartender shared a sad story about being paid a low salary after working for 70 hours a week. Aaliyah Cortez works as a bartender in Texas. She feels disappointed by the overall system of the service industry. Employees have to compromise on a minimum wage with the belief that they are earning well by tipping. She broke this myth by showing her Paycheck.

Aaliyah is an employee in the service industry and feels disappointed due to her low wages. She posted a video on TikTok about the same. She has stressed the importance of tipping. Her video on Paycheck went viral. She gave a strong reason for offering tips to a bartender or server. People realised her pain and reacted with more than 99,000 likes and 3,058 comments.

Aaliyah gets paid $2.13 an hour for working 70 hours a week. She, however, receives only a $9.28 paycheck after the tax deduction, social security, and medical insurance. The amount is too low. She accepts that she receives tips, but her hard work pays her too less.

She decided to post the video and throw light on the darker side of the service industry. In some States, paying low wages of as little as $2.13 an hour for tipping employees is permitted. It is believed that the tipping amount gets summed up with the minimum wage and reaches $7.25 an hour. However, in the end, the wagers are left with a meagre amount to serve their family.

She finds the deal is impartial. Aaliyah decided to let people know the essence of tipping. Some people say that service employees get an adequate number of tips. Aaliyah disagreed by saying that not all customers give enough tips. While some people might like the services and tip well, others may not.

She wishes to bring change to the whole system. It began with their employers until she had to depend on the kindness of her consumers. In the end, she was thankful to the viewers for watching and listening to her views related to her profession. We hope people like Cortez get the right salary for their work.