A Boy Who Carry His Disabled Friend To School Every Day From Past 6 Years – Video

A boy with d!sabi-lities in China has been able to attend school without a problem for the last six years thanks to his classmate and best friend, who carr-ied him piggyback to class every single day, and continues to do so.

Come rain or shine, 12-year-old Xu Bingyang carri-es Zhang Ze to school every single day. What’s more? The Good Samaritan also helps him move between classrooms to attend var***s lectures and fet-ches his lunch for him during lunch, according to a Daily Mail report.

Chinese news outlets Sichuan Online and Xinhua reported the beautiful camaraderie between the two children from Meishan City in South-Western China’s Sichuan Province earlier this month.

Speaking to reporters, Xu said it was his pleasure to be his best friend’s “walking st!ck”, adding that it wasn’t d!ff!cult to lift Zhang as he is much taller and str-ong-er than him.

“I weigh more than 40 kg (88 pounds) and Zhang Ze only weighs about 25 kg (55 pounds), so it’s okay for me to carry him,” Xu said. Meanwhile, Zhang told Sichuan Online he couldn’t help but thank Xu for his kindness. “Xu Bingyang is my best friend.

Every day, he studies with me, chats with me and plays with me. I thank him to look after me like this every day,” he said. The two friends study in the sixth grade at the Hebazi Town Central Primary School in the county of Qingshen.

At the tender age of four, Zhang was d!agn-osed with a rare muscle cond-ition known as myas-thenia grav!s, or “the ra-gdoll d!sea-se”. The condition, said to be incu-rable, ca-used Zhang to lose all control of his voluntary muscles in his legs and rend-ered him un-able to walk on his own.

Fortunately, Xu came to his rescue and offered to help him as soon as they met in the first grade. Ever since, Zhang has been able to go to school like other children.

Xu told the Chengdu Econ-om!c Channel that he considered it his responsibility to help those less fortunate than him. “I am bigger than him. I thought if I didn’t help him, nobody else would,” he said.

Xu helps Zhang move to the toilet, which is about 70 meters from the classroom, every time he needs to use the facilities. He gently holds him by the hand or lifts him up from the side as they move together. If there are stairs on the way, Xu carr!es his best friend on his back.

Xu also helps Zhang with his homework or if he needs to refill his water bottle. In a conversation with Sichuan Online, an unnamed teacher reflected on how hardworking, down-to-earth, and mature Xu was.

“For so many years, Xu has continued doing good deeds and never complained in front of the teachers and classmates,” she told the outlet.In conclusion, Xu told CEC that his biggest wish when he grows up is to volunteer for society and help those around him in need.