A Footballer Surprises His Mother With Her Dream House As A Gift Of Gratitude

Every parent wishes to hear the words, “ It’s my turn to take care of you now.” Mecole Hardman Jr. grew up in a loving and secure family environment. The only thing that he missed was a stable home. During his childhood, the family changed too many houses and he always wished for a stable home. The young footballer, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2019, is doing great in his football career.

His bond with his mother, however, got strengthened when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2013. The period gave Mecole time to think over all the times he had been rude or loud towards her mother. He thought about all the times he had been disobedient. He suddenly felt guilty and wanted to rectify his mistake. He made sure he was there with his mother every time she needed him.

He was there for his mother as his biggest emotional support. The tumour wasn’t cancerous and post-surgery, his mother recovered. But the whole period brought the mother-son real close. Once, he became a professional player for an NFL team, he realized that the time has come when he must give back to his parents. Mecole has a little sister. He wanted her to grow up in a home he had always longed for as a child.

He wanted to provide her with a stable, big and comfortable home with a nice neighbourhood to grow in. He decided to buy the house his mother had in mind. He spoke to his father and decided. To surprise her mother, Mecole took his mother out for brunch and said they would be going for a game of bowling. The young boy, however, took her mother straight to the house he had bought and told her it was hers.

Mecole’s emotions gave away. She cried and kept repeating how blessed she is. She loved the surprise her son gave her. Mecole didn’t forget about his father. He gifted his father a new car. Mecole wants to give something to his parents whenever he can to show his love and gratitude towards them.

He wishes to express how blessed he feels to have such loving and caring parents. May all families share such a strong and healthy bond. We can all do a little bit of effort in our way to express gratitude towards our parents and loved ones.