Teen Unexpectedly Receives Car After Daily Walking 7 Miles From School To Work

Having a car is a dream of everyone, and when someone gives you a car as a gift, it becomes a mesmerizing moment. It happened with an 18-year-old boy who walked 7 miles daily for work.

From Cobb Country, Georgia, 18-year-old Jayden Sutton is a senior in high school. Sutton is anxious to complete his academic year. He often gets home from school each day at 3:30pm. After that, he walked for his six to seven-hour shift and worked in a restaurant. Jayden later walked back again to get to his home. He walked 7 miles daily to save money to buy a car as his mother wasted hers in an accident. He has no money to repair it.

Lavonda Wright Myers, a resident of Atlanta, witnessed Sutton trudging in the rain for his job one rainy day. She gave him a ride. Lavonda came to know about the young boy’s struggles. He had to walk every day since he could not afford an Uber. He added that he intends to purchase a new car on his own.

While sharing his struggles, the kid was smiling with a positive spirit and looking for blessings. Looking at his pitiful condition, Myers decided to help him and share his story online. She created a GoFundMe page to receive donations. She received $6,635 in donations in just two days. She then went to a car shop and requested the car shop owner to reduce the price from $7800 to $7000. She added $635 on her own and ultimately bought a car for Sutton.

Sutton was gifted a brand new car from the Honda car showroom by Myers. He felt deep gratitude toward Myers. He shared that if we persist in our efforts to accomplish a goal, we could receive assistance from someone, as he had. Meanwhile, Myers felt satisfied. She shared we all need more compassion and kindness in this world filled with hate and division. She contributed to one such person. We need to follow the deep thoughts of Myers and keep helping the needy.