Man Donates Kidney To Woman He Loves But She Rejects His Marriage Proposal

How selfless can you be in love? We all talk a lot about love. Many of us have experienced it too. But being in love and being selfless about that love are two different things. We often love only the person who can reciprocate with the same emotion and intensity. Being in one-sided love seems impractical. This story is about a man who made the most selfless deed of love without expecting anything in return.

Simon Louis, 49, based in London, met Mary Emmanuelle, 41, in a nightclub. After spending quality time together, they developed a special friendship. In September 2014, Emmanuelle collapsed at her residence and was rushed to the hospital. She was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. Her world started to crumble in front of her. She had a rare B-negative blood group which made the possibility of getting a donor all the more difficult.

As per the medical faculty and specialists, without a transplant, she had only months to live. During this phase, Emmanuelle had to visit the hospital daily for her dialysis. The only source of constant support and strength she had was Simon. He would be there to help her dress, feed, and do other chores. After being disappointed at not being able to arrange a donor, Simon got himself tested to see if he could be a possible match.

Was it destiny? He was a match! Simon didn’t think twice. They both underwent surgeries. He gave one of his kidneys to the love of his life. Later, while Emmanuelle was still recovering, Simon, who was doing better healthwise, proposed to her. He never expected the response he got. Emmanuelle, in the softest way, turned down the proposal.

She explained that she is scared that this new relationship and feelings might damage the special bond of friendship they already share. Also, her priority at the moment was to recover completely. Shocking? Yes, even Simon felt the same. The man, however, took the rejection most graciously. When asked if he has regrets, about donating his kidney, the kind black man denies it and says he has no regrets as such.

He loves Emmanuelle and respects her feelings. He did what he was supposed to do. He couldn’t let her die in front of him. Simon is the epitome of true and selfless love. Here is how viewers are reacting to the post: Michael – ” Love is two way street. He should found a way to know if his love is reciprocated. If not, then why put himself in the situation. It’s not her fault if she doesn’t wanna be married to someone she’s not in love with common sense.”

Awan Taimur – “She didn’t want to ruin the friendship? What a BS, I think she’s ruin their friendship because of that.”