Photographer Son Enables Her Mother To Be A Model In Gift To Her 50th Birthday

What gift could you give your mother for her birthday? Maybe, fulfill her lifelong dream! That’s what Myles Loftin, a Maryland resident, and a popular photograph did for her mother. He planned to make her 50th birthday a special one. Her mother cherished a dream of being a model, and her son fulfilled it.

Image Credit:Becauseofthemwecan

Loftin arranged a fully decked-out photoshoot for her mother to pose as a model. The photoshoot has since gone viral on the internet, with many praising the effort. Users also lauded the mother and some even suggested taking on modeling as a full-time career. In an interview with ‘Because of Them We Can,’ Loftin revealed that her mother wanted to do something different than a traditional birthday party due to the p**de!ic.

He further added, “She’s always been interested in fashion, and when she was my age she was really into modeling. I just helped put the team together.” She was really happy with how the photos came out, it was a really fun experience for her. Also, seeing everyone’s reaction to the photos when I put them online made her really feel special.”

Image Credit:Becauseofthemwecan

When asked whether her mom will continue pursuing her passion, Loftin replied, “Who knows, maybe!” Myles Loftin attracted a lot of attention on the internet once before when his photo and video project ‘HOODED’, became popular on the internet and was praised for the effort to “humanize and d**riminal!ze how bl**k men and boys are perceived by our society.” This time, he wanted to do something for her mother. And what better way it would be than allowing her mom to fulfill her lifelong dream. Well done Myles!