Boy Adopted By Foster Parents And His Entire Class Fellows Present There Show Up Their Support

A young boy named Michael was an orphan who lived in kindergarten at Kent with 35 other kids. On the 23rd annual adoption day of Michigan, he got his foster parents. He was in the courthouse for the adoption, he invited his classmates and his classmates were so supportive that they all were there to witness the adoption hearing.

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And among all those some of his classmates were waving big red hearts mounted on wooden sticks and they even got to tell the judge that they decided to come to the hearing by saying, “Michael is my best friend” to show their love and support for Michael.

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Michael was happy not only for the adoption that he has a family who will love him unconditionally but also that his classmates were in the courthouse and showing a lot of love and support to him. Michael’s father, mother, and even his teacher all were expressing their happiness for Michael.

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As her teacher, Kerry Mckee said that they all live as a family for years in the school. She also told what family meant to her as she said “family doesn’t have to be DNA because family is all about support and love. Sometimes their journeys have been very long; they have gone through many highs and lows together”.

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followed by his teacher, was the Honorable Judge Patricia Gardner told “His whole kindergarten class and school being here just to say ‘we adore you, and ‘we are supporting you, and we’ll be here not only today but always for you.”’

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Now it was his father David Eaton and mother Andrea Melvin who shared something about that day as they said they immediately knew they wanted Michael to be there after meeting him it was pretty clear for them that Michael was a special kid, he had a lot of energy in him and he loves to talk with people.

Eaton also told Buzzfeed News that Michael views his classmates as his extended family and enjoys a lot with them. Mckee also said ”Michael’s classmates weren’t the only ones who wanted to support Michael. I called our bus garage and she said that I haven’t asked for permission in time, you need two weeks to process a request, then the driver there asked what it was for and I told her and she said you can have the bus and I said I’ll drive for free.

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Michael was just 5 when he was adopted and he just said one thing in the end to the news reporters “I love my daddy” and then the adoption procedures concluded. And finally, Michael got his parents and home to live with.