22-Year-Old Man Found A Baby Abandoned In A Trash Can, Decides To Become His Father

A child abandoned by his family and thrown in the trash was lucky enough to get a guardian. He is adopted by a new family and lives happily with them. It was New Year’s Eve when Jimmy Amisial was on his way to his hometown of Gonaives, Haiti, for the New Year celebration. On his way, he found a boy in the trash. The crowd was standing around the boy, but nobody was ready to take him.

People believed the baby to be cursed. Amisial took the baby and nacked it in his arms, and the baby stopped crying. He found fire ants were crawling on the baby and got ant bites and an allergic reaction. Amisial gave the baby to his mother, Elicie Jean. The kind lady applied lotion to him to relieve his pain.

Amisial called the police to investigate the case, but no one came forward to claim the baby. A judge offered Amisial to take temporary custody of the child. Amisial struggled to make up his mind but reminded himself that he was a part of something great. Amisial and the boy immediately felt a bond. He decided to adopt the child legally.

The holidays were over, and Amisial returned to Texas for his student visa program. He left the baby with his mom. Then, adoption started in 2019. In Haiti, adoption is not easy. At the end of his holiday break, Amisial had to return to Texas to attend his student visa program. He decided to leave the baby with his mother while they worked on the process of taking the child into custody.

The adoption agency, All God’s Children International, gave an estimate of $40,000, without including the airfare and lodging. Amisial did not have such an amount.  Amisial took a break from his studies to focus on the custody process. He named the boy Emilio Angel Jeremih. On July 27, Amisial set up an online fundraiser to finance the adoption of Emilio.

He wanted to raise $60,000 in donations which eventually amounted to over $79,000. Emilio is now four years old and has started going to school. He loves playing guitar, playing with friends, and watching the Tom and Jerry show. The boy plays soccer and basketball. Emilio calls Amisial dad as he is his temporary guardian.

Amisial intends to complete the custody process of Emilio and then finish his studies. He wanted to show him how to love. Amisial made Emilio understand that he is loved and not alone. Amisial wants to fulfil his aim of aiding orphans of low-income families in Haiti by starting his non-profit organisation. We wish the kind-hearted Amisial and little Emilio all the good wishes.