According To Rapper Lil Baby People Who Are Earning Less Than $500K Are Poor

Lil Baby is one of the most lucrative rappers in the game right now. So it stands to reason that the Atlanta born MC knows a thing or two about money, possibly?

Born Dominique Armani Jones, Lil Baby has found a steady flow of success since his 2017 debut Perfect Timing.

Like most rappers, “The Bigger Picture” hitmaker regularly post on his social media holding wads of cash, showing off fancy cars and shiny jewelry.

Last year he made several posts to his social media where he discussed finances and his rates for features. “Ain doing no more features unless it’s worth it. I got tooo many”, followed up with “At this point it’s safe to say I want 100k for a feature 😬.”

He famously told his record label Quality Control that if he didn’t make $5 million he would go back to hustling.

While some people respected the rapper “knowing his worth”, many other thought he was a bit full of himself. “Ok baby…. humble yourself now,” commented someone. Another person cautioned his statements, saying, “He needs to humble himself we see where most rappers are twenty years from now.”

Unfazed by those opinions, Lil Baby took to his social media again today to “motivate” fans. In a slideshow post on Instagram, the rapper posed in an all-black outfit in New York, with his jewelry visible. Standing in the show, he shows off a large stack of cash, all hundreds.

The last slide is the most interesting. A chart titled “Wealth Level by Net-worth”, showing different levels of wealth ranging from “poor” to “super-rich”. According to the charge, anyone that falls in the 0-$500k range is considered to be poor. “Motivation purposes only”, he titled the post. “Lil baby just called me po-or”, tweeted one fan. Another person tweeted the chart side by side with a screenshot of Lil Baby’s net worth, which is listed as $4 million on the google search. “so you’re basically saying you aren’t rich, you’re upper-middle class?” tweeted the fan. While many took the post as a joke or even jab at their income, some felt the rapper was seriously out of touch and maybe not qualified to discuss wealth this early into his career.