Adorable Daddy- Daughter Photoshoot Viral With Mini-Me Mechanic

It’s always a good idea to share with your kids about what you do and why you’re passionate about it. Not only does it set an example for doing good work, but it might just piq-ue their interest as well.

Londyn Bennett-Dotson, for example, has always loved watching her father Devante Bennett-Dotson work on cars as a mechanic, so when he invited her to gr-ab her own tools and coveralls, she couldn’t have been more excited.

Two-year-old Londyn and 26-year-old Devante’s birthdays are only a day apart so they decided to celebrate with a daddy-daughter photosho-ot, courtesy of Londyn’s mother, Ashleigh Sheppard.

“She was enjoying it as much as we was. I believe once the car was lift-ed up, she got up under it looking at it first,” Devante told PEOPLE. “Then I hand*d her a wrench and, before you knew, I had to keep passing her wrenches like it was really that many bolts under there!”

Devante says Shepp-ard came up with the idea after watching her daughter im!tate her father. “In my free time I’m a mechanic and Londyn watches and tries helping with everything I do,” Devante says.

“I was all for it and the experience made my day, especially seeing my little girl actually doing it and being into something that she watches me do.”

To the family’s surprise, their adorable photosho-ot went viral on Facebook, being shared over 34,000 times.

“We was just posting the pics for our birthdays, not thinking much of it — and b**m,” Devante recalls. “The liking and shares on all social media just kept climbing, climbing, and, to be honest, we still in sh*ck that it did.”

Sheppard told Good Morning America about setting up the sho-ot, going as far as designing a monogrammed jumpsuit for her little gearhead of a daughter.

She commented that Londyn “loves doing everything daddy does.”

“If he’s outside, she’s outside. If he’s under a car, she wants to be under a car,” she told GMA.

A love for cars is clearly something that runs in the family, too, as Devante started working on cars with his grandfather when he was 2-years-old as well.

“I do believe Londyn actually might want to be a mechanic later on in life,” Devante told Inside Edition. “I turn my back one minute she’s trying to take tires off her bicycle or messing with my motorcycle or her toy car.”

This is so stinking adorable, we’re even willing to dismiss the fact that she chose an import as her first car.