Alexis Gets Angry After Akbar speaking About her daughter disability

Things took an u*ly turn in the be-ef between Alexis Skyy and Akbar V Monday night when Alexis called out Akbar for speaking on her daughter Alaiyah’s di*abili*y. Stemming from a ph*sical alterc-ation between the women that took place over the weekend, the feud sp*lled onto Instagram Monday when Akbar went live to talk about what happened and made a few di!para*ing remarks about Alexis Skyy’s daughter.

During the live interview, Akbar said, “Your daughter is r*ta*ded because of you,” referring to Alexis. “Tell the truth! You had coc-aine in your system. Tell the truth!” In another portion of the video, Akbar could be heard threatening Alexis Skyy about being in Atlanta before referring to Alexis’ daughter Alaiyah as “br**ndead” and “retarded.”

Sho*tly after Akbar V went live, Alexis Skyy hopped on live herself and returned f***, expressing her extreme anger about what was said about her daughter.

“What you’re not going to do is talk about that little girl,” Alexis Skyy screamed. “I will d!! for her. If I gotta lose my life, I’ll lose my life over that girl.” At some point, Alexis was able to get Akbar V on the phone, but the conversation didn’t last long as it quickly turned into a scre-aming match between the two.

Public opinion quickly turned on Akbar, with many feeling she crossed a line but Akbar did not seem fazed and did not back down.

“When you speak on Akbar kids and kids was never in the conver- sation is when Akbar comes out and say whatever the f**k she wants I’m a mother I love all my kids so please let’s keep them out of conver- sations cause i have no sympathy so stop reaching out i said what i said,” Akbar tweeted.

Earlier Monday, f**tage surf-aced of Alexis, Akbar and model Lira Galore getting into an alterc-ation outside of a nig*tclub.