Former Aircraft Cleaner Became Pilot After 24 Years of Hard Work and Determination

This Nigerian man’s story is proof that dreams come true, especially when you’re working challenging and in no way lose faith. After 24 years of chronic work, he fulfills his dream of becoming a pilot. Muhammed Abubakar commenced working as an airplane cleaner about 24 years ago. This wasn’t his preliminary desire of the job.

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Before he was once a cleaner, Muhammed went to Kaduna to practice at Kaduna Polytechnic. Unfortunately, he couldn’t send his software on time, and he wasn’t accepted. He couldn’t continue to be unemployed for long, so he took a casual job as a plane cleaner at Kabo Air. Muhammed’s profits were very low, so no one thought he would stay for long. He was once incomes only N200 per day, which is approximately $0.5. However, Abubakar used to be continual, and soon he used to be employed as ground team of workers at the airline in Maiduguri.

There he has labored in nearly all the positions, and he proved himself to be a disciplined and environment friendly worker. He shares that working in this organisation helped him acquire know-how and journey in the aviation sector. Next Muhammed had the chance to observe for a job as a crew member at Kabo Air, and after solid performance, he bought the job. He was working there for 8 years, for a monthly earnings of N17,000. After this, he moved on to Aero Contractors as a flight attendant.

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Soon his sharp idea and his preceding journey paid off. He was observed through the Deputy Managing Director. His profits was once now N170,000. He couldn’t accept as true with it. In fact, when he received his first paycheck, he tried to return the money. Instead of thoughtlessly spending his salary, Abubakar determined to store it. He went to the managing director and advised him about his dream of becoming a pilot. The director loved the thought and supported Muhammed. Soon he was able to pay for his personal pilot license in Canada. He correctly completed his training.

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When Abubakar back to Nigeria he located out that he also needs a industrial pilot license but this time he didn’t have adequate money. This didn’t crush his spirit. He asked the Deputy Managing Director for help, and due to the fact of his loyalty, the enterprise assisted him. They sent him back to Canada for this license and sponsored his training.