Mom, Dad, And GrandPa All Graduated From The Same College On The Same Day

It is quite common to see the siblings graduated on the same day from the same collage, but it is quite unique to see the mom, dad and the grand dad to graduate from the same collage on the same day. This is the news highlighting the three students from the same family who graduated together on the same day from the same collage.

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Shamir Taylor, a 35 year old man, Nyema Taylor, 37 years old lady and wife  of Shamir Taylor, and their 62 years old father, Raymond Richardson all recently graduated together from the same collage and on the same day. The all three finally achieved their dream of getting graduated after the challenging period and continues efforts of 30 years battling several challenges together. The dad, Shamir Taylor managed to complete his graduation along with the military deployment.

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And, their father, Raymond richardson who is oldest among all the three and is a combat vet and retired US army Master Sergeant also never stop regardless of their age and finally achieved their dream of graduation. The mother, Nyema who  faced much challenges in getting her degree, she was once diagnosed with the breast cancer. With her hard efforts and dedication, she managed to get her graduation done along with her treatment and therapies.

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The 62 year old man revealed that it was the long journey of 30 years for getting the graduation degree. He changed several collages and universities, and finally the UMUC is the last one they attended and finally getting the graduation degree.  Nyema also revealed about her breast cancer and said that once she felt defeated, but her husband and her father in law who motivated her for pursuing her dream, and finally she is getting her graduation degree from UMUC.

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She has completed her graduation from the Graphic communication and is wishing to use her new skills in her clothing business. Nyema mentioned that it is not important to walk down the aisle on her graduation ceremony, but what the most important is to get down  with the two most important person of her life. The family is hoping to serve as major inspiration and motivation for others, especially their two kids. Richardson mentioned that it is never too late for completing the graduation.