Amber Rose Revealed That Her Ex Fo-rced Her Into Non-Consensual S*x: ‘He Knew I Didn’t Want To’ – VIDEO

Amber Rose joined the Red Table on Tuesday, to uncover a personal tra*ma from her past.

While discussing what women should know when it comes to se*ual consent, Amber remembered a time when an ex so-calling “r!pped off” her clothes to pursue s*x, despite her attempt to end the relationship.

The mother of two explained the “te*rible” enco*nter for the first time to Red Table Talk hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and Jada’s daughter Willow, along with guests, Rumer Willis and DeAndre Levy.

“Amber, what is your personal story when it comes to consent?,” Jada asked during the October 19 episode. “I was in a relationship for two years,” Amber, 36, began, without naming her ex.

“I had consensual s*x plenty of times during that relationship. I didn’t want to be with him anymore. I told him I was leaving and he didn’t want to hear that. He r!pped my clothes off,” she recalled, admitting, “I felt ic-ky. I felt gro-ss. I felt I was taken advantage of and it was te*rible.”

Amber continued, “And then he went downstairs and ate breakfast like he didn’t do anything. So the gray area in that situation is, I had s*x with him so many times within these two years,” she said. adding, “I didn’t fully understand what had happened, but I know what I felt like after.”

It’s unclear which one of Amber’s exes was the subject of the so-called act. The model has publicly dated a number of men in Hollywood through the years. She dated Kanye West from 2008 until about 2010, before she moved on with rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2011. Amber and Wiz tied the knot in July of 2013, a few months after the birth of their son Sebastian (now 7) in February.

The marriage was short-lived and Amber filed for separation in September of 2014. Fast forward summer 2017, when Amber entered a romantic relationship with rapper 21 Savage, who’s nine years her junior. They br-oke things off in 2018, around March. Amber is currently in a serious relationship with boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, the VP of A&R at Def Jam. They welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Sla-sh Electric Alexander Edwards, last October.

Amber went on to discuss how she’s raising her children to be conscious of women’s bodies and personal boundaries.“Sebastian just turned seven, but he’s way beyond his years, and he knows everything. I’m not hiding nothing from my son,” she said, explaining, “My son knows what a period is…. I say that to say my son is seven and I don’t feel like it’s too soon. I don’t. Because once he became thirteen and the girls in his classroom are getting their period and the boys are like, ‘That’s d!sgusting. She’s ble-eding!’ He’s like ‘That’s nothing. That’s natural. I knew that since I was six years old, dude. Get with the program.’”

During the episode, titled, “Se*ual Consent: What Every Woman Should Know,” each person at the Red Table shared their own experiences with se*ual consent. They also discussed the “gray area” — “when you don’t say yes, but don’t say no, [so] who’s at fa-ult?” Watch the full episode, above, and tune-in to Facebook Watch for new episodes of Red Table Talk.

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