Apryl Jones Spotted With Dr. Dre Days After $800M Divorce Battle With Wife

Dr. Dre’s divorce battle continues to heat up and get more interesting as more information is beginning to unravel while the fight goes deeper. The super-producer/mogul has overcome a life-threatening brain aneurysm, but a time where he should be focusing on his recovery, he has to deal with the imminent end of the legal aspect of his marriage to his estranged wife, Nicole Young.

Most of their issues stem from Dr. Dre’s financials. After being released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dre agreed to pay the $2 million that Young was seeking in spousal support in addition to the almost $300k per month he had already been taking care of.

As we previously reported, Young is now seeking more information on 3 alleged women that she feels her soon to be ex-husband has been taking care of on the side. Reportedly, court documents reveal that one of the women, in particular, was the recipient of a mansion valued at over $2 million, paid in full in 2019. Young claims Dre could be the one who has funded her extravagant lifestyle.

In what could be a major plot twist to the story, social media is now speculating that one of his alleged mistresses could have possibly been Apyrl Jones. Fans know Jones from Love & Hip Hop fame as well as being the mother to Omarion’s children before becoming involved with his former B2K bandmate Fizz.

The two were spotted pulling up to the BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Although Jones was covered in a mask, social media users and Love and Hip Hop fans were quick to note her tattoos and distinct facial features underneath the mask.

Neither Dre nor Jones have commented on the news breaking, but fans are having a field day. Social media commentary was rampant with criticism and jokes directed towards the two. “That girl just trying to get with anybody with money at this point. Dr. Dre is dang near old enough to be her daddy,” wrote one user on Twitter. Another user joked, “She pretended to be a nurse so she can date a Doctor smh.”

“Well, at least she’s dating outside of B2K,” wrote another. One fan used a famous current phrase to describe Apryl’s actions. “One thing about Apryl is that she go where the money resides,” they wrote. Another user directed their quip Dr. Dre’s way. “Man’s ain’t waste no time getting back into the world after his close call,” they wrote.