There Are No Limits For My Mother: Man Climbs 19-Building To Rescue His Mother From Fire

A man simply identified as Jermaine showed nothing short of love and devotion when he climbed a 19-story building to save his mother from a f!re, New York Post reports. A man seen sc-aling a West Philadelphia apartment building during a f!re said in an exclusive interview that he would stop at nothing to reach his mother tr-app-ed on the 15th floor.

Thirty-five-year-old Jermaine has experience sca-ling walls. He was a roofer, construction worker, and an all-around adventurous child. “As kids, we used to jump roofs,” he told our Philadelphia sister station WPVI. “Glad I had the practice.”

That practice came in handy Thursday night when the 19-story Westpark Apartments high-rise at 4445 Holden Street started filling with sm-ok-e.

Jermaine received a call from his sister explaining that their mother’s high-rise apartment building was on f*re. Immediately, the 35-year-old jumped into act*on.

He raced over to the Westpark Apartments and started to scale the outside of the building in hopes to rescue his bed-ridden mother.

Jermaine said; “I climbed up with some barbed-wire cu-tt*rs to cut the gate so at least the f!ref*ght*rs will be able to get upstairs,” When I first got out there there was a 100 cops out there, 50 f!ref*ght*rs.

They said the whole building was on f!re and they were letting nobody in…I took it upon myself because that’s my mother. There are no limits for my mother.”

Thankfully by the time he reached his mother, the f*re had not reached her 15th-floor apartment. Jermaine’s mother and her boyfriend were told to wait on the porch while the f!re and sm-ok-e were being contained.

After realizing his mother was fine, Jermaine started to make his way down and that’s when news cameras began capturing his feat. Jermaine’s story has now become a big sensation, but he doesn’t feel that what he did was extraordinary.

“I think if anyone else was in that c!rcumst-ances they would do the same thing, because don’t nobody want to just sit outside and lose their mother.”