Leaked Audio Reveals, Bow Wow Pu*ched On His Pregnant Ex-GF Kiyomi Leslie Stomach

Bow Wow so-calling pu*ched his ex-girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie, in her stomach while pregnant, per le*ked audio.It seems Bow Wow has not been able to catch a br*ak as of late.

Just last week, he was tra*hed on Twitter for his height, and now the 2019 a*ault involving Kiyomi Leslie has ree*erged. The resurfacing of the event has come in the form of a le*ked audio clip, which perfectly matches the recent trend other celebrities such as Joe Budden have befa*len to.

In the nearly 3 minutes long audio, which was obtained by OnSite(at its_onsite), Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, can be heard hu*ling thr*ats at Leslie. Those thr*ats were then ex*nded to the family of the model, all while he kept her hostage in a room at his Atlanta apartment.

Th*eats were not the only things flying that night as Leslie was recorded saying, “this man h!t me in my stomach.”Apparently, the two were not alone at the prem!ses since another voice also ch!med and commented on the ab*se previously dished out by the rapper.

“He knows she’s pregnant why h!t her in her stomach,” came the rhe*orical question. The previously mentioned de*ainment of Leslie was captured in the latter part of the le*ked audio, where she can be heard pleading with the rapper to be set free. The audio is believed to have been captured from the incident that tra*sp!red in February 2019, which saw both Bow Wow and Leslie being booked on battery cha*ges.

The two were subsequently offered ba!l after it was determined that they were both vi*tims and su*pects in the case. Based on police reports made after both were ja!led, the a*ault and su*pected audio took place after Leslie and Bow Wow returned from a carnival-themed Super Bowl party held in Atlanta by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

According to reports from the Atlanta police, “Mr. Moss stated that Ms. Holden was all over another man’s body in the party. A man Mr. Moss referred to as Shaquille.” The reports further stated that the rapper tried to talk about “how she di*respected him at the party,” however, she “became agg*esive and gra*bed a night-stand lamp and threw it at him.” However, a few months following the incident, Leslie took to social media to reveal that what had happened was actually just one part of a series of at*acks she had to end*re.

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