9 Month Old Black Baby Becomes An Internet Sensation With His Black Beauty

We are all the creation of God and hence give equal respect to each other without discrimination based on skin color or gender. The fashion industry has given preference to fair-skinned models for the promotion of clothing, and those with darker skin got neglected. Jeremiah changed the norm. He is the ideal representation of the beauty of a darker complexion.

Gabrielle gave birth to a boy, who is cute with dark skin. People with dark complexions are not allowed to promote clothing brands. We need to look at both shades of skin evenly. Hence, she decided to run a campaign promoting his son, who is dark-skinned, for a few clothing brands.

Jeremiah did a photoshoot with Primark that was appreciated by many. After working with Primark, Jeremiah promoted other well-known businesses, including Rochelle Humes’ skincare line, a photo shoot for Pampers, a skin and hair firm, and fashion publications. With his posters at the Brooklyn store, Jeremiah went viral.

It was an unbelievable experience for Gabrielle to see her son in the Primark store for the first time. She was ecstatic and in disbelief that her baby was suddenly the star model in a physical store. Someone brought a photo of her son from a Brooklyn store, New York, and posted it on his Instagram profile. After that, more people submit photographs from various places in the UK.

She was waiting for the campaign launch but was unaware of launching it in shops. She assumed it would only be available online. Gabrielle and her family feel excited that one of their family members is now a modelling star. Jeremiah often points out his pictures and starts smiling.

However, Jeremiah’s excellent manager, Gabrielle, expressed her gratitude to God for the opportunity to have him model for a famous high-street apparel brand. She is still expecting higher goals for her son. She is looking forward to working with high-end products like Armani or Hugo Boss because they are devoid of representing dark-skinned babies.

Furthermore, since Mothercare, Aptamil, and Tommee Tippee frequently utilize white infants, it would be beneficial to collaborate with these businesses. With such big brands on the list, we hope the little boy makes it successful in the business. And with his success, more dark-skinned people are allowed to promote clothing and fashion brands.