Barack Obama Impressed Fans By Scoring Incredible Three-Pointer While Campaigning With Joe Biden – VIDEO

Barack Obama proved he’s still got game as he sh-ot an effortless three-pointer while at an indoor court in Flint, Michigan.

In a moment caught on video by Biden’s digital director Olivia Raisner, the former President drew gasps as he walked onto the court at the Flint gym, was passed the ball, seamlessly looped a sh-ot straight through the hoop from distance.

“That’s what I do,” he then said, grinning as he took a coffee from one of his aides and strutted off.

Obama was in Michigan with 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, but if you didn’t know them you’d be hard-pressed to know who of the two was retired and who was gu-nning for one of the most powerful leadership positions in the world.

Obama has joined Biden on the campaign trail in the last week as he seeks to help his former Vice President win the US General Election on November 3 and defe-at Donald Trump, but the comparative sprightliness of the 59-year-old is at sharp odds with the shuffling demeanour of 77-year-old Biden – who, if he wins, will become the oldest US President in history.

The disparity between the pair was thrown into sharp relief on social media, as the clip of Obama sh*oting his sh-ot went viral.”Sweet. Suave. Swagger,” said one woman on Twitter, with the hashtags: #Sho-otYourSh-ot #AllNet #CantTouchThis #BestPresidentEver.

“You have to smile when you look in the mirror,” added another. A third commented: “I would expect nothing less of you! Thank you for that great speech today and the other in Florida. So good!” Another added: “Is what I particularly loved about this man, #BarackObama; ran the country like he was in a game: my coach used to say ‘Basketball is a thinking man’s game’. Already out the door before the ball sank in the bucket! #halfmanhalfamazing.”

These sorts of comments are a far c-ry from the sort that Biden has received during his campaign and show that there’s still many out there who struggle not to see the elder statesman in his younger former colleague’s shadow.Obama himself though has been an enthusiastic champion of the Presidential hopeful since joining the campaign trail this week. Speaking in Michigan with Biden – the first time the pair had been seen in public together since 2017 – he said: “Joe Biden is my brother. I love Joe Biden and he will be a great president.”

Obama went on to add: “That sense of decency and empathy. The belief in hard work and family and faith, the belief that everybody counts, that’s who Joe is.”I can tell you that the presidency doesn’t change who you are. It shows who you are.” Obama also went on to att-ack Trump’s leadership, saying: “There are consequences to his actions.This is not just a joke. It’s not funny, those actions embolden other people to be mean and def-ensive and rac!st.” The eyes of the world are now fixed on November 3 where we’ll see if there’s a clear winner – or if we’re headed for overtime.

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