Beyoncé, 39, Looks Like A Bold Fitness Queen As She Works Out In Surprise Ivy Park Collection Videos

Beyoncé led her fans through a “Beyrobics” class to announce a surprise second part to her Drip 2 collection for Adidas x IVY PARK!

The pop star rocked a multitude of new Ivy Park pieces in two campaign videos, which the fitness queen shared to Instagram on Nov. 17 — the very same day this new clothing line called “Drip 2:2 Black Pack” dropped. The videos paid hom-age to the vaporwave-loving, aerobics-devoted era of the 1980s.

“Today we’re going to do Beyrobics to keep you thick and smiling,” Beyoncé cheerfully announced in one of the retro-themed clips while rocking a forest green sports b-ra from Ivy Park.

Queen Bey also rocked a neon green bodysuit, biker shorts, a crop top and yoga leggings set, and even more athletic wear — you can check out all the pieces Beyoncé wore to work on her “Beyceps.”

In her caption, the Ivy Park co-founder wrote, “BEYROBICS…Grab your weights, Drip 2: Black Pack drops today!” Fans were especially fre-aking out over the fact that Bey’s 2003 hit “Crazy In Love,” which was given an ’80s-inspired remix, was playing in the background.

Beyoncé took a cue from a popular TikTok trend for her second clip and hopped into different pairs of Adidas shoes.She had a coordinating athleisure outfit for each pair of k!cks, as you can see above! You can also check out more photos from the second half of the Drip 2 collection, here.

U.S. customers can shop these new pieces now on the Adidas app; the global drop is happening on Nov. 18, and the collection will arrive in stores this Thursday, Nov. 19. The clothing line is being offered at a pretty affordable price point — with pieces ranging between $25-$200 — and are available in standard, plus size, and gender-neutral sizes.

This serves as the follow-up to the original Drip 2 collection, which sold out after Beyoncé dropped the collection on Oct. 30. Lucky for us, Beyoncé was feeling generous today! The Ivy Park website revealed that the “Drip 2” collection has five color themes: azure, coral lake, honey drip, de-grassy, and canari.

There is a wide range of pieces, like a knit catsuit, cargo sweatshirt, mesh sleeve bodysuit, cropped suit jacket, SuperSleek 72 shoes, a dark green beanie, and circular crop top!

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