Beyonce Reveals Weight Gain – Fans Are Now Calling Her A BBW

Over the weekend, Beyonce made an appearance at the Lion King premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Downtown Los Angles. and people definitely noticed that the star looked different. The 34-year-old award-winning singer took to the red carpet wearing a bedazzled black Alexander McQueen dress, but it wasn’t what caught everyone’s eye.


The Queen bee packed on quite a few pounds and Twitter definitely noticed. Beyonce, who is known for looking fla*le*s on the carpet, but at the red carpet appearance with her 7-year-old daughter, Beyonce looked visibly heavier than what people are used to.

According to reports, Beyonce weight has gone up to nearly 200 pounds. Many of her followers on Twitter are calling the superstar a ‘BBW’ – a big beautiful woman.

Under normal cir*umstan*es, she would not be considered a ‘big girl,’ but based on Hollywood’s standards; Beyonce’s new body is nowhere near as perfect as it usually is.


A few months before, Rihanna, who also put on a bit of weight, was subject to harsh criticism with many asking if she was pregnant. The billionaire and mom of three has put on weight in the past when in between tours, but not to this extent.

According to, Beyonce is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her weight usually stays at 137 pounds. She knows that she has a larger than usual derriere, but’s she’s said that it was nothing to be ash-amed of.

Over the years, Beyonce has started numerous diet trends, showing people how quickly she can get into shape. Her appearance on the carpet has many wondering if there’s a new Carter baby on the way.


Beyonce plays the role of Nala alongside Donald Glover as Simba, Seth Rogan as Pumba, and Billy Eicher as Timon is the much anticipated live-action Disney film. So far, people who have seen the movie are saying that it is very good, especially the graphics.

As for Queen Bey’s weight, we’re sure she be back down to her usual weight in no time, and even if she decides to stay at this weight, she still looks great.