BLM Mural Outside Trump Tower Has Been Va-ndalized Yet Again With A Black Substance

Vandals reportedly du-mped the substance out from a van, and covered the full length of the mural, shortly after midnight on Sunday, the New York Post reported.

The bright yellow mural was painted in July after being commissioned by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and has been ta-rgeted by va-ndals multiple times since.

After the mural was painted, it was va-ndalized at least four times in July alone, according to CNN.The NYPD has previously said that they do not keep track of how often the mural is va-ndalized.

The first defa-cement occurred just days after the large mural, which covers Fifth Avenue where Trump Tower is located, was painted. One person reportedly du*ped red paint all over the “V” in Lives.

In the incidents that have occurred since, su-spects typically bring some sort of paint and attempt to sm-ear it over the artwork.One woman, 39-year-old Juliet Germonotta, has been arre-sted on two separate occasions for def-acing the mural.

In August, she was caught on camera sme-aring blue paint across it with her hands.She was also arre-sted on July 17 with two other women for a similar st*nt, according to NBC.President Trump has called the work, which was painted in support of rac!al justice and the Bla-ck Lives Matter prote-st movement, a “symbol of h*te.”

The president sla*med de Blasio for “den!grating” the “luxury” of Fifth Avenue.Mayor de Blasio responded with support of the movement and sla*med Trump for not acknowledging the role African Americans had in “building” Fifth Avenue.

“The fact that you see it as den!grating your street is the definition of rac!sm,” the mayor said.The Manhattan mural is one of five located in each of NYC’s five bor-oughs.

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