8th-grader Black Boy Creates Clothing & Supplies Closets At School To Help Students In Need

Someone said that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that person. It applies to an 8th-grade teen. In this materialistic world, everybody is chasing after money and has no time for family and friends. There is, however, someone who is helping the needy. Everyone is not born with all the comforts of life and needs to make various compromises in life.

Some people are so generous that they understand the pain of underprivileged people and decide to give back to the community. A teen living in Port Allen, Louisiana, lives with the wise thought that it is a blessing to help others. Chase Neyland-Square’s heart is so generous that he thrives on helping others. A few years ago, he organized a dinner for senior citizens intending to collect 200 socks and distribute them to the homeless.

Through his efforts, he collected 700 socks. The kind-hearted Chase Neyland-Square came up with an idea to make Port Allen Middle School a better place for students. He proposed to establish a PAMS Pantry. It refers to the Port Allen Middle School Pantry, a closet where clothes are gathered and stored for needy students. Under these conditions, anyone can take anything without asking.

The principal wants the kids to provide school supplies according to their needs. In fact, over the years, many students have benefited from this pantry, making it one of the best amenities for the students. For instance, some students couldn’t afford to purchase outfits for their graduation since their families were struggling financially. But the pantry helped them find them!

Chase admits that everybody is not fortunate enough to have everything, but he tries to provide it through his campaign. He understands how it feels when we are devoid of anything, so he decided to provide almost everything in his pantry. He started with a clothes closet. Soon the closet turned into a pantry with all the school supplies. The pantry is a blessing for those students who can not afford it.

Chase is doing his best to expand and maintain the pantry. In the future, he plans to turn his pantry into a non-profit organization where he can help more people and change their lives. We wish good luck to Chase for his noble cause. The way this Black boy is giving back so much to the community is heartwarming. We need more such people who can work selflessly to give back to the community. People like Chase are the reason the world is beautiful and worth living.