Britney Spears Looks Too Attractive In Red Top & Sheer Black Pa*tyhose In Gorgeous News Pics

It looks like Britney Spears‘ summer 2020 wardrobe of peasant crop tops and low-slu-ng ta-ns sh-orts is gone like the season.


While the pop princess has said she’s pu*ling out all of her fall clothes for her closets, she’s showing off a se*y new look on Instagram while not wearing much.

The 38-year-old posted a photo on Oct. 13, giving a su*try pose in a red br*lette top, black b!kini und*rwear, and sheer black stockings with a str!ped pattern.

Brit could be seen tu*ging at the top of the p*ntyhose’s wa!stline, while her abs and obl!ques looked so r!pped.

She wore her silver belly button ring and added another accessory of a red beaded necklace with a small gold pendant. The “Slumber Party” singer wore her trademark heavy black eyeliner and had her blonde tresses flowing down her back, with her growing out bangs that she got in mid-June framing her face. Britney posted three photos, which were the same pose but with different filters.

“A taste of RED,” she wrote in the caption. She’s been te*sing a “red” project for months now, but at this point, no one is qu!te sure what it is. She’s also mentioned “project rose,” as she’s added red rosebud emojis to so many of her social media posts in 2020 and shared numerous photos of the flower on her IG. For now, the red apparently is referring to the color of her se*y br*lette.

This is the second time recently that the mom of two has worn black pa*tyhose over b!kini und*rwear as a fashion statement. On Oct. 6, she wore a pair of the control top nylons with mesh-style patterns on the fabric and paired it with a sleeveless black lace crop top. Brit wrote, “RED COMING SOON.. PS I found my green pin!!!” referring to a green and gold brooch she had p!nned to the neck of her top.

Fans are still waiting to know what “red” is all about, but it appears that black pa*tyhose and a tiny top is her new autumn version of a peasant midr!ff top and shorts. While Britney’s fashion posts have been a little confusing to fans, she shared a sweet message with them in an Oct. 12 video about what a great summer she had. “Ok, so yesterday I felt like it was the beginning of f-all. I pu*led out all of my jackets and then the next day it was really h*t. It’s very confusing,” the singer began, seen in a flowy white shirt.

“Anyhow, this summer has been so much fun for me. I learned so much, I laughed so much, I swam so much. But the most important thing that I did learn was that life has so many spontaneous gifts at each moment. Sometimes we need to learn how to slow down and embrace them all. I hope your summer was as good as mine. God bless you all.” Right back at ya Brit!