Cardi B Disclose Why She Won’t Stop Writing Ra-unchy Songs After ‘WAP’ Contr-oversy: ‘I’m A Se-xual Person’

Cardi B‘s hit song “WAP” featuring fellow female rapper Megan Thee Stallion was arg-uably the song of the summer.Despite its widespread success, some Republican commentators took issue with the track’s ra-unchy lyrics — but Cardi is paying no mind to her cr!tics.

“I want to show people that you can do positive things, but you can also be yourself,” she told Billboard on December 2, after the outlet named her Woman of the Year.

“I’m a very se*ual person. I love s*x, and I like to rap about it. I like to do it … I love my body, and I want to be able to express that. I’m just a naughty girl, and I’m not hu-rting nobody because I love my p***y and want to rap about it.”

The mom-of-one also opened up about getting political this year, having sat down for an interview with President-Elect Joe Biden and openly speaking out aga!nst Donald Trump.

“I like justice. I like to work and be creative … I know I’m a role model because I know there’s a lot of women like me. At the end of the day, I know I’m a b***h that made it through because I work my a*s off,” she explained.

Following Joe Biden’s election win in early November, spontaneous street parties k!cked off around the country.Notably, crowds gathered in front of the White House and sang along to “WAP”.

“I just feel like it was such a big victory for me and for Megan. [The song] to me, was just a regular rau-nchy female rap song, but it caused so much contr-oversy,” Cardi said.

“So many Republicans — not just any Republicans that got an Instagram following, but a lot of Republicans that got blue checks [on Twitter] and millions of followers, [like Ben] Shapiro, Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren — were talking so much cr-ap about “WAP.” So it was just a victory for me seeing people celebrating Biden’s win with my and Megan’s song.”

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