Rapper Cardi B Sla-ms People For ‘Photoshop Her Face And Body’ To Make Her Feel Down – VIDEO

Cardi B didn’t hold back after she saw an altered image of herself online, which she believed was posted to inc!te the public to ‘b*sh her.’

In the images, the star, who was purchasing $5,000 gifts for children in need at Ta-rget, can be seen wearing a cropped grey hoodie and a pair of fitted sweatpants.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, she wrote: ‘It’s the fact that people try to photoshop my face and body to post on their platform so people can b*sh me and make me feel down on my appearance on purpose….and the fact this a paparazzi picture from months ago.’

To prove what her unedited body actually looked like at the time, the 27-year-old WAP hitmaker shared a screenshot from Dailymail.com from December.

‘That’s why I pray every day and God keeps blessing me triple in people face ca*se they did tried everything to bring me down from making rumors about me to now photoshopping me trying to make me go viral with a photoshop pic of a paparazzi pic from months ago,’ she f!red to her 75 million Instagram followers.

She asked: ‘Like when was the last time I had a nose ring? And why the d*ck ya make me look like a middle eastern boy?’ She continued her r*nt, under a side-by-side snap of the original and altered paparazzi photo, by writing that despite people trying to bring her ‘down’, she ‘still came on top.’

‘The sad sh*t is that the people that be doing these rumors and be trying to make people b*sh me about my looks are WOMEN,’ the mother-of-one concluded. In another deleted post, she questioned if people photoshopping her made them laugh or ‘feel better.’ ‘Did you get the reaction from me that you wanted? Are ya happy now?’ she wrote, before writing that her ha*ers are going to be ‘REAL MAD’ in the ‘next months.’

The Grammy-winning rapper te*sed that her upcoming project is going to ‘make a s!ck soul na*seous.’ She recently made history when her cri*ically-accla!med s*x-positive song WAP, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard H*t 100. The ra*chy track, produced by Ayo & Keyz, marked the Bronx-born beauty’s fourth No. 1 hit and the 25-year-old Texan’s second No. 1 hit.

WAP – short for Wet-A** P***y – has also been RIAA certified gold, despite heavily sampling Frank Ski’s 1993 Baltimore club single Wh***s in This House. Cardi’s music video directed by Colin Tilley has also sha*tered YouTube records earning the biggest ever debut week for an all-female hip-hop collaboration, which has amassed 173 million views.

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