Cardi B Scre-ams At Cops To Release Her Husband Offset After He Was Handcuffed For ‘Waving G*ns At People’ – VIDEO

A video emerged showing Cardi shr!eking at police after her husband was briefly held after driving through a Trump campaign event in Beverly Hills, California.

The footage emerged after the Migos star sh*t a video he posted to Instagram Live, showing officers after they pu-lled him over at around 5pm on Saturday.

Cardi B arrived at the scene within her new black Rolls Royce and looked on as Offset argued with cops. She can hear in separate video sho-uting as she is surrounded by cops with a member of her entourage holding her hand.

“Why are you pointing a g*n at him,” she can be heard sho-uting.”No. No. Let me record it. No. No. No. No. This is crazy, this is crazy. He’s not ar-med. My husband is not a-rmed.”

Offset is then seen le-aning aga!nst a wall as he questioned by cops. His Livestream shows cops ordering Offset to turn off his engine and step out of the orange Jeep, which the rapper refu-sed to do.

When one of the police officers says Offset was “waving g*ns at people,” he cla!ms that Trump supporters used a flag to str!ke his car. Offset, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, utters various def!ant and thr-eatening statements during the Livestream.

The 28-year-old rapper tells police, “You told me to put my hands up, I’m not doing that. There are 25,000 people on my Livestream. You’re gonna get su-ed publicly.”When an officer tries to reach into Offset’s vehicle and open the door, the rapper says: “You can’t do that! It’s not legal!”

“I’m gonna s-ue the s**t outta you. Y’all know who I am?” he added. During his Instagram Live, Offset also says, “I’m a f**king celebrity, do you know who I am? I’m Offset from Migos.”The Livestream cu-ts out after an officer opens the door of Offset’s vehicle and he comes out. Offset later released a statement about the rally incident.

“Artist and Philanthropist Offset was deta!ned by the Beverly Hills Police Department following an atta-ck by aggre*sive Trump supporters,” it read.”He was released shortly thereafter. Offset thanks his fans for their support and wishes everyone peace and safety during these trying times.”Another video seen by the Daily Mail shows Trump supporters waving flags at Offset as cops handc-uff him.

Offset appeared to have been deta!ned, but Beverly Hills police Lt. Max Subin told CBSLA that reports that the rapper was arre-sted are “inaccurate”.But Cardi’s cousin Marcelo Almánzar, 20, has now been cha-rged with carrying a conc-ealed we*pon and carrying a loaded f!rearm in public, Beverly Hills Police said.”Shortly after 5 pm, Beverly Hills Police received information from a passerby of a subject who pointed a we*pon from a vehicle at him.

“The passerby provided a license plate to the vehicle, and the vehicle was stopped by patrol units a short distance away.”After the on-scene investigation, the passenger in the vehicle [Almanzar] was arre-sted.”Almanzar was released on Saturday night on a $35,000 bond though it’s not entirely clear if his arr-est is related to the Trump rally.A Trump supporter reported that a car with two men in it pointed a g*n at them, cops said – but “the v!ctim of the cr!me did not desire to press cha*ges for the pointing of the we*pon.”

The latest drama comes after Cardi was trolled for reuniting with the rapper and denied he is “ab*sive” in a series of fur!ous tweets at fans, which she deleted soon after.Cardi did an Instagram video of her own on Saturday showing herself sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce driving through Beverly Hills.Cardi B says, “I don’t like this!” as she passes the same Trump rally.It was not immediately known if she was in the same car as Offset.Bystanders recorded other videos of Cardi B at the scene.

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