Celebrities Who Have Their Body Parts Insured For Millions Of $

Celebrities are known for doing outrag-eous things and spending insane amounts of money while doing it. We might not understand why celebrities do the things they do, but we’re sure they have a method to the madn-ess. Believe it or not, there are a handful of celebrities who have !nsured different parts of their body. It may seem a little w***d to want to !nsure a single part of your body, but for these celebrities, the decision to do so does kind of make some sort of sense.

Rihanna – Legs

Rihanna might be known for a lot of things, however, when it comes to her body there’s one thing that definitely stands out on her — her long, flawless legs. Back in 2007, Rihanna’s legs were named the Celebrity Legs of a Godd-ess by Gillette. With that distinguished title also came an insurance policy for her legs. As a result, her legs are insured for $1 million. Whether it was because she won the title or not, it was probably a good idea on Rihanna’s part to !nsure something that makes her stand out from the cr*wd — literally!

Tom Jones – Chest Hair

He might sing about things being not un-usual, but it’s pretty un-usual that Tom Jones !nsured his chest hair. That’s right, not his voice or a body part, his chest hair. Apparently, it means a lot to the singer as it’s reportedly !nsured for almost $7 million. It’s also reported that Tom Jones’ chest hair is !nsu-red by Lloyd’s of London, the same company that !nsur-ed the legs of Fred Astaire as well as the hands of Liberace. What does this mean? Well, Tom Jones’ chest hair means a lot to him, that’s for sure.

Of course, Julia Roberts is known for her gorgeous looks and her talented acting career, but she’s also known for her beautiful good looks and her even more dazzling smile. Julia’s smile has to be one of the most icon-ic smiles in Hollywood. Not only does she have a beautiful smile, but it literally lights up a room whenever you see her. Julia knows how ico-nic her smile is, therefore she decided that she needed to protect it. As a result, she took out an insurance policy on it for $30 million. This might seem crazy, but Julia needs to protect what sets her apart from the rest of Hollywood.
Mariah Carey – Voice

Mariah Carey has one of the most famous singing voices in the world. She’s br*k*n records with her music and has a distinctive voice that can hit notes that no one else can. Mariah’s voice is literally everything to her — not only is it her moneymaker, but it’s what she’s most known for. No one can hit notes or sing like Mariah Carey. As a result, Mariah knew that she needed to protect her biggest a***t and she took out a huge insurance policy. Her voice is insured for $35 million, so she would be covered if anything ever happened to her vocals, she’s more than !nsured.

Keith Richards – Hands

When you’re Keith Richards, you basically owe your entire career to your hands, as he’s the guitarist and founding member of the band The Rolling Ston-es. If it wasn’t for his hands, he definitely wouldn’t be where he is today, and Keith sure does know that — his career literally relies on his hands. As a result, he decided that he would go to Lloyd’s of London and take out an insurance policy. Keith has both of his hands !nsu-red for $1.6 million, making sure that if anything happened to those famous hands, they’d be covered.

Troy Polamalu – Hair

Troy Polamalu is a professional football player that had an amazing career. The only thing that’s more extraordinary than his playing career, was his hair! His hair had literally become his trademark, and what he became known for. As a result, he joined forces with Head and Shoulders where he did a few commercials for the shampoo company. Therefore, the company announced that they wanted to protect his beautiful locks, and took out an insurance policy for $1 million on his hair, wanting to make sure that they protected the mo-neymak-er!

Miley Cyrus – Tongue

Miley Cyrus has grown up right before our very eyes. Since her ic-onic and racy performance with Robin Thicke on The MTV Video Music Awards, Miley has been constantly st!ck!ng her tongue out every chance she gets. She’s been doing it so much that sticking her tongue out became her image and a trademark Miley p-ose. Since her tongue has become as well known as herself and her music, Miley decided to take out an insurance policy on her famous tongue, just to be safe. As a result, her tongue is !nsured for $1 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players in the world, there’s no doubt about that. Cristiano owes his success to a lot of different things — his h**d work, coaches, training, and of course, his legs. It’s safe to say that Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t be one of the most famous soccer players in the world if it wasn’t for his legs.

Daniel Craig – Whole Body

Of course, Daniel Craig is known for being a very talented actor, but he’s especially known for playing none other than James Bond. Playing the role of James Bond is a huge honor and accomplishment that only a few actors can say they’ve had the opportunity to take on during their careers. It isn’t easy being James Bond — he’s been known to get into plenty of predicaments that require more than just acting skills. When Daniel Craig was in Casino Royale, he performed most of his own stunts as Bond. Wanting to protect himself in every way possible, he took out an insurance policy for his entire body w*rth a whopping $9.5 million.

Kim Kardashian – Her Behind

We all know what one of Kim Kardashian’s most famous a**** are, so it only makes sense that she protects them. When you think of Kim Kardashian one of the first things you think of is her rather large behind. Since it’s one of her most valuable a***ts, she made the decision that she would !nsure the behind that made her famous.