Chick-Fil-A Employee Stuns Tiktok With BTS Video Of How Chicken Nuggets Are Made – VIDEO

With the number of TikToks showing the behind-the-scenes secrets of how Chick-fil-A makes its lemonade, ice cream, and now chicken nuggets, someone could almost open a franchise in their own kitchen.

In a since-deleted TikTok, user AT dxxdxx7 uploaded footage showing Chick-fil-A’s nugget-making process, racking up more than 13 million views before it was taken down.

Luckily, pages like the food-centric TikTok account Foodie were able to screenshot and screen record the TikTok before its dem!se. The video starts out with what dxxdxx7 describes as the “raw nuggets,” which is actually just raw chicken.

The raw chicken gets put into a basket of liquid that dxxdxx7 says is “milk wash,” before being rolled around in some sort of seasoning. Then, the breaded chicken is popped into a vat of oil and fried until it’s ready to eat.

What caught the attention of millions of TikTokers was how straightforward the process was. People assume the wo-rst when it comes to fast-food dining — particularly meat — and the fact that the video shows real, raw chicken being cooked is a surprisingly huge relief.

“Honestly I was scared to watch this because these nuggets are life!!” one person commented, according to the Daily Dot. “But I am so relieved they are actually made from scr-atch!”Several commenters on Foodies’ repost of the video seemed confused that there was no mention of pickle juice — the secret ingredient Chick-fil-A fans and food bloggers cla!m the chicken gets brined in before it’s breaded and fried.

Pickle juice contains salt, which supposedly gives the nuggets their flavor all the way through each bite. Whether or not user dxxdxx7 actually works at Chick-fil-A, some commenters who also claimed to be employees agreed that this was the process (including the sifting stage, which many seemed to dislike). Some of those commenters also confirmed that the process does not use pickle juice. Case closed.

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