Coca-Cola Truck Tour Will Be Cancelled For Christmas This Year Because Of The Covid-19

Coca-Cola has confirmed its trucks will not be doing a Christmas tour due to the Covid-19.

Although a relatively new tradition, for many folks going out to see the festive red truck has become as much a part of December as buying a tree or lashing a Monopoly board at a relative on Christmas Day after spotting they’ve been helping themselves to cash out of the bank.

But now Coca-Cola has announced its trucks won’t be returning this year. In a tweet, Coca-Cola said: “Due to current restr!ctions around the country, our Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour won’t go ahead this year.

“We know it’s d!sappointing, but we’ll continue to share special Christmas moments throughout the festive season.We look forward to seeing you next year!”

Many Coca-Cola fans were gutted by the news with one posting: “Christmas is canceled.” Another wrote: “Noooo it’s the official start to Christmas for us, never mind, look forward to the advert though.”

A third said: “It’s not Christmas without the Coca-Cola truck! I guess we will make do with the adverts then.”Despite the Covid-19, or maybe because of it, it seems as though people are trying to get into the festive spirit earlier than ever.

Last week, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You made its way into the Top 100 on the US iTunes Songs chart on 1 November. And a couple in South Lanarkshire whipped up a bit of Christmas cheer even earlier than that, decorating their entire home in brightly colored lights on 1 October.

Ian Cochran, 68, and wife Helen, 68, always go all out with their decc!es, but usually wait until December, however, this year they decided we could all do with a bit of a boost and put them up weeks earlier. His display includes an infla-table snowman, a blow-up Santa disappearing down a chimney, illuminated Christmas trees, and more fairy lights than you can shake a candy cane at.

Ian said: “We find it very gratifying seeing the reaction to people of all ages enjoying them. “I thought about it early September knowing many people will be depre-ssed with dark winter nights approaching and possibly no contact with anyone then, and nearer Christmas, with their families. “It makes us feel happier knowing it’s brought some smiles during these tro-ubled times.”

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