Colin Kaepernick Celebrated His 32nd Birthday By Handing Out Supplies And Food To The Needy People – VIDEO

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick spent his 32nd birthday handing out supplies to the homele-ss community in California.

Honestly, did we expect any less from the man who singlehandedly demanded rac!al justice from one of the biggest sports organizations in the country? Of course not.Ev!dently, Kaepernick has dedicated himself to a life of act!vism and philanthropy, in even the smallest ways possible.

The footballer-turned-act!vist visited a local homele-ss enca-mpment in Oakland known as “Tent City,” where he distr!buted cr!tical resources in collaboration with Know Your Rights Camp, a foundation he established to help underserved African-American communities in the United States, CBS reports.

Kaepernick and his foundation handed out backpacks full of resources such as clothes, snacks, soap, and air masks, in addition to other necessities. Furthermore, he even paid for a taco truck to make a stop at the encampment so he could make sure that those in the community were well-fed and received a h-ot meal.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because you remember reading about how LeBron James did exactly the same thing in Los Angeles last week when the Getty F!re was ra-ging through the state. Numerous volunteers and several of the former 49ers quarterback’s friends also joined in to help Kaepernick and his foundation reach as many people as possible.

His girlfriend, Nessa Diab, was spotted lending a helping a hand.Following the act of compassion, the official Know Your Rights Camp profile posted a video of Kaepernick handing out backpacks on Instagram. They stated: This is how Kap brought in his birthday today. Giving back.

Happy birthday, Colin Kaepernick! Hundreds of birthday wishes came flowing in after the video was uploaded. This is not the first time that Kaepernick has spent his birthday doing a good deed. In 2016, for instance, he spent his birthday hosting the first-ever Know Your Rights Camp event. He used the opportunity to teach african-american and Brown children about their constitutional rights.

He told The Washington Post at the time, “This is just the beginning, man. What we’ve done here today in Oakland, we want to do all over the country, in cities all over this country, by bringing together local leaders, local ac-tivists, and local youth, and not only giving them the skills and lessons they need, but we want to show them how much we love and value them.”

He may no longer be on the football field, but he’s definitely found purpose off of it. Nonetheless, Kaepernick is most infamous, of course, for his decision to kneel during the national anthem, typically played before a match during NFL games, in order to pro*est police bru*ality aga!nst african-american folks in the United States and rac!sm within the NFL as well.

Though he lost his contract with the 49ers and ca*sed quite a cha-os amongst the NFL and even amongst politicians, he firmly stood his ground and demanded more. In the coming months, he was signed on as a brand ambassador Nike and has played an active role in bols-tering the african-american Lives Matter movement.

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