Janitor Who Walks Miles To Work Drops To His Knees After His Colleagues Have Raised $7,000 For A New Truck

Generosity and kindness are still present in this world. Economically weaker people have the right to live a dignified life and earn money with respect. But we cannot ignore the hardship behind these smiling faces. People understand their pain and come forward for help.

The same happened with a school janitor who got a truck as a gift from his co-workers, which made him fall on his knees. The 60-year-old Robert Reed was a janitor at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee. He did his best to comfort the students with his words and was available whenever needed. Within a short period of four months, Reed made a special bond with everyone in school.

Robert was looking for more work near the school that he could do after finishing his janitorial duties. The students in the school knew that Reed did not own a vehicle. He had to jump between three buses and walk two extra to get to school daily. He had to travel the same distance back home in the evening and would get back at 8 p.m.

His co-workers came to know about his struggles. Some offered him a ride to the bus stop, while others gave him money for lunch. The janitor wanted to start a yard company to increase his income, but it was impossible without a truck. He shared the idea with one of his colleagues.

Finally, all the school co-workers decided to help Robert to reduce his pain. They aimed to have an online fundraiser by sharing the story of Robert. Later, for the same amount, they added more money from themselves and bought a new truck for Robert. He was pleasantly surprised, which made him drop to his knees. After receiving the gift, Robert felt very emotional and thanked all his friends.

Such incidents make us believe in humanity. We are happy for Robert to receive a reward for his honest work. There is something so powerful about the act of generosity and the sense of gratitude it develops. The Community helped Robert to live with his head held high. The generosity brought him down to his knees. It is a perfect example of generosity and gratitude.