Cops Interrogated A Black Man For Having ‘Too Many’ Credit Cards At ATM – ‘Prove Cards Are Yours’ – VIDEO

Police say the officers were approached by a patron in the convenience store who was in line behind the man at the ATM and found it susp!cious his transactions kept being denied.

In the video, the man explains he forgot his pin number because he had so many cards. Police say the entire interaction lasted 6 minutes and they are happy to discuss the incident with the man.

Pu*ling out money from an ATM in a Texas sub*rb was all it took for this bl*ck man to be cornered and inte*rogated by white police officers, who thought he had too many credit cards.

The incident went down recently at a gas station in Burleson, a su*urb of Fort Worth, and video shows one of the officers asking the man to prove the numerous cards in his wallet is his.

The guy explains he’s in a ru-sh to help his wife, whose car he says had br*ken down, but the police make him slowly cycle through all the credit cards in his wallet so they can match the names on the cards to his ID.

The man wo-nders why cops are making a big f*ss, and one officer tells him someone in the store thought he was acting susp!ciously.

At one point, the officer outra*eously asks the man how he ended up in the su*urb and everything checks out in the end … but now the guy is saying the entire interaction was rac!st. Hard to ar*ue. We reached out to the Burleson Police Department … so far, no word back.

This Article First Published On TMZ