Daredevil Jump Out Of An Aeroplane 7,620 Metres Without Wearing Any Parachute- Video

Video footage has re-emerged that shows a daredevil leaping out of an aeroplane at 7,620 metres – that’s 25,000 feet – without wearing a parachute. Watch the jump here: It’s some seriously crazy stu**, but that’s the only currency that people like Luke Aikins deals in.


Aikins is a serious skydiver and BASE jumper, so he knows a thing or two about using a parachute. However, for this stu*t he planned to chuck himself out of the plane and freefall down from a gigantic height before landing in a h**e net. What’s more, he allowed the whole thing – and potentially his own demise – to be broadcast on live television.

Admittedly, there was a five-second de-lay, but if it had c** out, everyone would know what had happened.

The st-unt was called ‘Heaven Sent’ and took place in July 2016. The then-42-year-old actually set a Guinness World Record in the process. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this was the highest anyone had jumped out of a plane without the use of a parachute, or even a wingsuit. To make his t**k even more difficult, the net he was aiming for was just 100 feet squared, and he had to h** that from all the way up or end up splatt-ed on the ground.

Naturally, he was excited about the whole thing afterwards. He said: “I’m almost levitating, it’s incredible. This thing just happened! I can’t even get the words out of my mouth.

Aikins did run into a few snags before he completed his jump. Luckily, he didn’t run into anything during the f-eat, however. A short while before he was due to go up there, the Screen Actors Guild ordered that he at least wear a parachute, regardl-ess of whether he used it or not. However, Aikins argu** that the turn over onto his back before hi*ti*g the net – presumably one of the most important parts of the whole aff-air – would be too dangerous if he was wearing a chute.

The order was eventually lifted and he was allowed to jump without, thus completing his remarkable task.

Aikins was ai-ded in his jump by three other parachutists, one who grabbed a discarded oxygen mask, another who wore a smoke canister to show where they were in the air, and another who was filming. They backed off as the ground lo-omed, allowing Aikins to complete his task free from distraction. On Facebook after the fact, he wrote: “We did and cannot thank everyone enough for the support. My v*si*n was always proper preparation and that if you train right you can make anything happen.

Thank you!” A later statement said: “Aikins’ leap represents the culmi-nation of a 26-year career that will set a personal and world record for the hi!hest jump without a parachute or wing suit.”