Fans Are Upset With David Beckham For Ki-ssing 9-Year-Old Daughter On The Lips

David Beckham spa*ked much debate among her fans on Tuesday, a snap was shared of him ki*sing his daughter Harper on the lips.

The football legend, 45, was seen enjoying some quality time with his youngest offspring Harper, nine, as they foraged for fruits and vegetables.

However, when former Spice Girl Victoria, 46, uploaded to her Instagram account, divided followers soon started to debate whether they thought this appropriate.

Wrote one of the star’s followers: ‘Adore your family, but never understood those parents’ k*sses on the lips.Still the best family.’

Taking on a more dra-matic tone, another user of the image-sharing platform stated: ‘Please stop ki*sing kids on the lips!!!!’ ‘Why is he ki*sing her in her lips?’ asked a third fan, seemingly pe-rplexed by the heart-warming show of affe-ction.

However, one fan admitted that, while she herself was sometimes taken aback by seeing such a display, she understood the purity of the moment. She wrote: ‘It always makes me uncomfortable when I see ki*sing on the lips with babies and kids but I am pretty sure I have done it myself numerous times with my kids or my baby nephews without a thought.

‘People associate ki*sing on the lips as an int!mate act between lovers but some cultures do this with anyone and they know how to separate the reactions from love and aff-ection vs int!macy.’We just need to get to that level and stop being we!rd about it because of our own issues.’

Many others fl*oded the comments section with words of support, with one writing: ‘Thank you for showing it is perfectly normal and right for a father to ki*s his daughter on the lips as a sign of love and true affe-ction!’Another said: ‘I’ve always ki*sed my children on the lips and have no problem with it and neither do they. I still do now and they are 24 & 18… I think maybe question yourself on why you think it is odd. It’s a sweet and innocent gesture x.’

‘He’s her dad,’ stated another of the star’s followers. ‘I still k*ss my kids on the lips, because they’re my kids and I love them. Looks well when u cant be loving to your own kids….that you made!’In the images, David was the picture of a doting father as he shared a glimpse at their fun day together at the Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire.

In one family snap, David was seen giving Harper a k*ss on the lips as they posed for a photo with the autumnal wre-aths they also made. While they were there, the pair picked kale and fresh salad, as well as apples and an array of other healthy treats for their dinner.

David and Harper also spent time making floral bouquets together and they even created autumnal wre-aths that were sure to be a perfect statement piece on the front door of their Cotswolds home. In a sweet message to his youngest child, David wrote that she should ‘reach for the stars’ over a snap of her picking apples, as he joked that she’d responded: ‘Actually they are apples, daddy.’

David looked dapper in a brown long-sleeved shirt that he paired with corduroy trousers and lace-up boots, while he covered his locks with a baker boy cap.Harper, meanwhile, looked sweet in a white jumper that she wore over a pair of denim jeans and black trainers for a casual look.David’s wife Victoria also shared pictures of the pair, including the one that saw him ki*s his daughter on the lips, as she gushed he was ‘the best daddy’.

Harper appeared to be in great spirits during the day out, as she was seen be-aming while picking vegetables and jokingly tried to bite into one of the apples as she picked it from the tree. She was also seen smiling as she showed off the bouquet of flowers she had made, which featured an array of dry and fresh flowers. Gushing about his little one, David wrote across the sweet snap: ‘End product. My clever little florist.’

This isn’t the first time David has shared a photo of himself ki*sing daughter on the lips, which has previously led him to come under fi-re from tr-olls.In 2017, David was forced to def*nd his decision, insisting that he and his wife Victoria are ‘always very affe-ctionate’ towards their bro-od of four.

The sports star had h-it back at his cr!tics while taking part in a Facebook Live on his own official page during a trip to Bangkok, and insisted he ki*ses all of his children on the lips – aside from his eldest son Brooklyn. He had been pictured ki*sing his little girl on the lips, as they cuddled up for a selfie during a family Safari trip they had taken in Tanzania.

While many had branded the picture ‘beautiful’ and a depiction of the ‘close bond’ he has with Harper, David was also h-it with a ba-rrage of neg-ative comments as others cla!med the post had been ‘di*usting’.Baffled by the strong reaction it received, David addressed his photo with Harper and said: ‘I k*ss all my kids on the lips.”Brooklyn maybe not. Brooklyn is 18, so he might find that a little strange, but I’m very affe-ctionate with the kids.’

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