Demi Lovato Badly Trolls For Cuddling With ‘Pet’ Turkeys Before Roasting Another Bird For Thanksgiving Dinner

Demi Lovato sent a few mixed messages on Thursday. The 28-year-old singer showed off her prized roasted turkey as she made sure to share her Thanksgiving dinner with millions of fans on Instagram.

Followers were quick to question Demi’s earlier involvement with an animal sanctuary where she was pictured cuddling a ‘pet’ turkey before the holidays.

Demi stood behind her camera while surveying the holiday feast with the caption: ‘I’m thankful for all of you.’

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the wild jump from carnivore to conservationist with an earlier post promoting compassion for turkeys this season.

‘The turkeys were so excited to meet Demi Lovato at our California Sanctuary,’ the Farm Sanctuary wrote earlier this month. ‘Thanks for visiting, Demi, we loved having you!’Choose compassion this Thanksgiving and sponsor one of our re-scued turkeys.’

In a shortened caption shared to various platforms, the sanctuary wrote: ‘Turkeys are bright, social animals who enjoy being pet — just ask Demi Lovato.’Lovato posted a host of photos with animals ‘who were all saved from cru-elty’ from her day touring the sanctuary last month.

‘The highlight of my tour was cuddling with a saved turkey named Sandy. Not only are these animals cute, but they are forgiving,’ she wrote. ‘The animals at at farmsanctuary had to learn to trust humans after what they’d been through, and their strength and resilience is amazing!’

‘TODAY IN CR!NGE: Demi Lovato poses with turkey in a photo promoting animal sanctuary that f!ghts animal agriculture,’ Twitter user at defnoodles wrote. ‘Demi later makes turkey for Thanksgiving.’One follower shared the popular ‘how it started’ vs. ‘how it’s going’ meme comparing Lovato’s turkeys.

Demi recently ended her relationship with fiance Max Ehrich after being engaged for a few short months following a whirlwind romance.

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