Dentist Given A Happy Smile To Woman Who Hide Her Face For Years From Husband Or Kids – VIDEO

A woman who had longed for the perfect smile after years of having to wear dentures has finally had her wish granted.

Ashley Burris, from Texas, never allowed her husband or children into the bathroom while she brushed her teeth, as*amed of the fact she was missing her front set.

But in September, the 25-year-old went to see Dr. Kenny Wilstead and explained her story.Dr. Wilstead then performed a two-and-a-half-hour su*gery on Ashley, giving her a roundhouse zi-rconia br-idge to repair her teeth and give her the confidence she had been la-cking for so long.

Speaking about the procedure, Dr. Wilstead said: “A few hours can change a life.”Of course, Ashley is far from the only person to have undergone from their gn*shers.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that John Finlay, one of the stars of Netflix’s documentary series Tiger King, had got a new set of pearly whites. The transformation teeth made him look like a completely different person, but John said at the time that he had them done back in 2019.

According to TMZ, John was already wearing the dentures when Netflix was still filming the series meaning that there was a lot of footage with him showing them off. So, as you can imagine he’s a bit m!ffed about none of his tooth-filled clips making the final c*t.

Taking to Facebook page ‘The Truth About John Finlay’, he wrote: “Yes I have my teeth fixed. The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this, but chose not to show it.”It’s all about the ratings for them, not the people they hu*t.”

Showing him support, one fan of the show wrote: “I’m so glad you got out with your life. And congrats on the new teeth! Looking good.”Another asked: “I have a question and this is a ser-ious one… if Joe would buy you trucks and many more gifts why didn’t you ask him to fix your teeth?”John replied: “They were fixed before, but kept bre-aking from acc!dents on four-wheelers, animal at*acks, and getting be-at up while building ca-ges.”

He sh*t to fame in the h-it doc earlier this year, which many called the ‘cra-ziest thing they have ever seen’.The seven-parter centers on ecce-ntric zoo owner Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who goes by the name of Joe Ex*tic – a g*n-t-oting polyga*ist who looks after a roadside zoo in Oklahoma. You may remember John from Louis Theroux’s 2011 documentary America’s Most Dan*erous Pets.

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