Donald Trump Campaign Shuts Down Voter Fra-ud Hotline After It Gets Flooded With Prank Calls

Donald Trump’s special ‘voter fra-ud’ h-otline has had to be shut down after it was flo-oded with prank calls.A Trump campaign official confirmed the closure of the h-otline to NBC News, after around a week in operation.

Because the snazzy line was overwhelmed by calls from pranksters, the campaign is now directing people to a website that already existed if they want to submit a cla!m.

The president’s son, Eric Trump, cla!med the h-otline phone numbers were being spa-mmed by the Democratic Party.”The at DNC is spa-mming our voter fr-aud h-otline to bog down the thousands of complaints we are receiving!” he tweeted.

“Wonder what they have to hide.”However, a campaign staff member conceded that many of the calls were actually just coming from ‘lefty teenagers’, as reported by Axios journalist Jonathan Swan – who cla!ms some of the people manning the line dealt with ‘d!sturbing unsol!cited ad-ult images’.

Various social media users also posted video footage of themselves calling the h-otline with bo-gus cla!ms. Sharing his attempt, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch tweeted: “I’m don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but if you felt like calling this number and, say, reporting the Hamburglar, I can confirm from personal experience that it would be very funny.”

He added: “I…may just do this all night.”The h-otline was being run by campaign staff from the headquarters of the re-election campaign headquarters in V!rginia, with a Trump spokesman telling The Hill that it had been ‘very effective’.

The campaign had tried to outw!t those ab*sing the h-otline by repeatedly switching the phone numbers, but now it’s just been d!tched altogether. Citing unnamed sources, ABC reported that the h-otline ended up turning into a ‘nightmare’.The news outlet said staffers were answering ‘prank calls from people laughing or mo-cking them over Biden’s win before hanging up’.Trump and his campaign have thus far been unable to provide evidence to back up their cla!ms of voter fra-ud.

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