Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Seeking 21 Hours Of In-Person Depositions In Their Separation

Dr. Dre’s estranged wife is pu*ling no pu*ches when it comes to their d!vorce case … essentially calling him a spo!led brat who needs to stop acting like he’s above the law.

Nicole Young filed new legal docs in their d!vorce, and is asking the court to make the mogul sit for a dep*sition — she wants her lawyers to grill Dre for 8 hours about the validity of their prenup and another 13 hours to d!g into financial issues … this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

In docs, Nicole says Dre’s already skipped a couple of previously scheduled depo*itions. She cla!ms the explanation’s simple — “his entire career and public persona are based on def!ance of authority, vi*lence and re*usal to comply with the law.”

Nicole cla!ms Dre thinks the rules don’t apply to him because with an estimated net worth of $1 billion … Dre “has grown accu*tomed to doing whatever he likes, whenever he so chooses.”

Nicole also cla!ms Dre’s credibility is a cr*cial part of the case … and because they’re be*fing over the validity of the prenup, it’s incredibly important to have him sit for an in-person depo*ition instead of holding one over Zoom. Nicole doesn’t think Dre’s particularly at-r!sk for COVID-19 and insists he’s more than capable of doing it in person with appropriate safeguards in place.

Nicole also wants the court to f!ne him $50k for not playing by the rules in their d!vorce case. As we reported … Nicole filed docs recently justifying why she should get nearly $2 million PER MONTH in spousal support to cover her expenses. She filed for d!vorce back in June.

This Article First Published On TMZ